Goodnight Kelly

You see

I live in a log with a dog and a frog
With a clock on a rock and a sock
On my head I wore into bed,
As I said
“Hello” to the chickens.

“Hello” to the chickens?


To the chickens with lickens and singer Get Pickens
Who just happened along to bang on a gong and sing me a song
About Polly the Parrot who ate a whole carrot, and did so with merit
Belonged to a girl we call Kelly.

Belonged to a girl we call Kelly?


Silly old Kelly who lived in the alley and has a big belly
From eating a mountain, a strawberry fountain, that’s not even countin’
Three truckloads of sky and a blueberry pie – just don’t ask me why
She wanted to come to my place.

She wanted to come to my place?


She came to my place all covered with lace. She came with such haste
She said “Who are you? Is this place a zoo? Can I live here too?”
“I’ll leave my old alley” said silly old Kelly
Who patted her belly

Sat down with the dog and the frog.

October 6, 1985
© Braden Corby