Magic Harbors

Surrounded by Roman Candles
with snowflake crowns,
myopically we wait:
bathed in a midnight rainbow
that dances upon a rippling stage.

Beneath this glittering surface
Lurk restless Demons
Struggling towards the light
Not knowing if they will be:
Burned by the flame -
Or transformed

A dog barks
Crinkling the night
Causing one of the shadowy Saints to stumble
Her candle dancing wildly
“Come closer” she whispers

Your soft voice
Confesses secrets

From the depths
A Demon
Leaps into the light
And in an instant
Falls back
A tiny minnow;
Leaving a sparkling ripple
That warms my heart
And steadies my feet

Pulsing brightly
the rainbow candles
dance closer.

Braden Corby